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Whether you are on the train, on lunch, relaxing in the park or about to walk into a lamp post (tut tut look where you’re walking) – escape ‘real life’ for five to ten minutes and let your imagination run wild.

Welcome to C Y Stories

A place you come to immerse yourself in another time and place. It’s a busy world we live in and so this is the realm to escape and divulge your imagination.

The girl who loved too much

She knew that underneath everyone wanted to be good and wanted to be loved, so she tried to help people see how lovable they were. Sometimes she forgot the person that needed to know they were truly loved was often herself.

Mirrored messages

Genevieve beamed, her whole face lit up and her deep blue eyes sparkled back at Harriet. Harriet always struggled with the unrequited nature of it.

Second birth

There was water everywhere; she was surrounded and gasping for air. She wasn’t quite sure why she was here or what had brought her here this time but she had a feeling she was too late. Her head rose to the surface, it was dark and she looked all around her. Why had...

Below is a collection of blogs which are essentially a snippet of day to day life and musings. Whether it’s being a better person, relishing life or having a good old rant about a subject – this is life Jim, but not as we know it.

Curiosity blamed the cat

When you are blaming you are refusing to learn from your fear and anger. When you feel yourself starting to blame someone for something you have to work out why and be accountable or hold the other person accountable.

What qualifications do you actually need to be a ‘dating expert’?

One thing I have always known is that game playing, manipulation and pretending to be someone you are not – are not ways to build a loving, caring and respectful relationship.

Hello, my name is Corina, and I am a Highly Sensitive Person

I am incredibly proud of myself right now. I literally just demolished 12 fried chicken wings. I don’t think I took a breath. It is the best achievement of my day, and I may have to call it now, but it might also be my best achievement of 2020 so far. I mean, I can already feel the sensation of being so full I may vomit, but I am still loving myself sick right now.

It was while feeling this tremendous life achievement that I thought it was the perfect time to write about something I have recently discovered. Now this could be viewed as a negative trait, but I now call it my super power (and it cost me at least £100 in therapy to see it as such). You see recently I discovered that I am HSP or a highly sensitive person. It is something 15-20% of the population is categorised as and actually means we are very highly evolved in the area of survival.