Get lost in another world for a fragment of time


Whether you are on the train, on lunch, relaxing in the park or about to walk into a lamp post (tut tut look where you’re walking) – escape ‘real life’ for five to ten minutes and let your imagination run wild.

Welcome to C Y Stories

A place you come to immerse yourself in another time and place. It’s a busy world we live in and so this is the realm to escape and divulge your imagination.

Second birth

There was water everywhere; she was surrounded and gasping for air. She wasn’t quite sure why she was here or what had brought her here this time but she had a feeling she was too late. Her head rose to the surface, it was dark and she looked all around her. Why had...

The art of avoidance paints an anaesthetised canvass

I was a translucent vessel for the music that thumped through my skull, the notes passing by and not one ounce of my being paused to attend, absorb or attune to the rhythm or melody. It merely surrounded me, vibrated through my psyche and I felt nothing. I was numb, I...

Indelible ink

Sometimes I am not sure what I believe in. I think the older you get, the more cynical you become and the less you believe in magic. I remember a time where I believed in soul mates and the fateful meeting of two energies, and sometimes I want to believe that magic...

Below is a collection of blogs which are essentially a snippet of day to day life and musings. Whether it’s being a better person, relishing life or having a good old rant about a subject – this is life Jim, but not as we know it.

The story I tell myself

Sometimes I feel quite angry and other days I feel exposed because I chose to be vulnerable and own my feelings, but it perhaps didn’t land very well. While I can high five myself with ‘wow that was fucking courageous’, I also feel like I am naked, I feel so insecure and invalidated.

Connecting the unexpected

How long can you wait for the one you deserve? Dermot Kennedy, Outnumbered Who doesn’t love a good song lyric? I bloody love music. I think I have spoken about my love for music before, so I won’t bore you with my repetitive nature. However, I love those moments in...

The fear of belonging

Today I sit staring at two passports. I am incredibly grateful to be in the position to hold two passports. I certainly am not frowning upon the privilege I have, but privilege comes with a bit of turmoil. Turmoil is probably a little excessive, but it comes with...