Diary of an Author

An update on where the book is up to and an overview of what I am doing if I am not writing/working! 

The story I tell myself

Sometimes I feel quite angry and other days I feel exposed because I chose to be vulnerable and own my feelings, but it perhaps didn’t land very well. While I can high five myself with ‘wow that was fucking courageous’, I also feel like I am naked, I feel so insecure and invalidated.

Connecting the unexpected

How long can you wait for the one you deserve? Dermot Kennedy, Outnumbered Who doesn’t love a good song lyric? I bloody love music. I think I have spoken about my love for music before, so I won’t bore you with my repetitive nature. However, I love those moments in...

The fear of belonging

Today I sit staring at two passports. I am incredibly grateful to be in the position to hold two passports. I certainly am not frowning upon the privilege I have, but privilege comes with a bit of turmoil. Turmoil is probably a little excessive, but it comes with...

It’s time to lean into being vulnerable AF

Life can be pretty messy, and you have to learn to love that about life; because without the bad, you don’t get the good; without the sad, you don’t get the happy etc. It would be amazing if life was just wired to be awesome all the time, but the reality is that it is...

Awake News

Journalists, take heed, by reporting in such detail about the mass murderers and bullies, you are exemplifying that behaviour. You are giving those people notoriety, and putting their heinous crimes on a pedestal.

Great Expectations

As I sit on my bed in the most un-ergonomically friendly way, sipping on Coles brand sparkling water uncouthly from the bottle, and having eaten peanut butter from the jar with a spoon for dinner… I contemplate whether I am an accomplished adult. Yes readers, this is...

Monogamy and Marriage: Is there only one way?

If monogamy was an academic subject I would get an A+ based upon my previous long term relationship. If scholarships were available for someone practicing romanticism and the idea of soulmates, I would win the highest level of financial support. Essentially I have...

The impending doom of forty

It’s not so much that I am reaching a midlife crisis, but I can see this sign fast approaching with the numbers in bold and font size 524, I am hurtling downhill and not even the application of the handbrake will save me now. I am now on a collision course towards 40...

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