Get lost in another world for a fragment of time


Whether you are on the train, on lunch, relaxing in the park or about to walk into a lamp post (tut tut look where you’re walking) – escape ‘real life’ for five to ten minutes and let your imagination run wild.

Welcome to C Y Stories

A place you come to immerse yourself in another time and place. It’s a busy world we live in and so this is the realm to escape and divulge your imagination.

The joker and the thief

Before this whole madness had erupted, I had become exceptionally close to a woman on my course. My first marriage to Pru, ended when Alfie was 6 and my daughter, Grace, was 4. Pru and I remained friends to a degree for the children.

The girl who loved too much

She knew that underneath everyone wanted to be good and wanted to be loved, so she tried to help people see how lovable they were. Sometimes she forgot the person that needed to know they were truly loved was often herself.

Mirrored messages

Genevieve beamed, her whole face lit up and her deep blue eyes sparkled back at Harriet. Harriet always struggled with the unrequited nature of it.

Below is a collection of blogs which are essentially a snippet of day to day life and musings. Whether it’s being a better person, relishing life or having a good old rant about a subject – this is life Jim, but not as we know it.

Falling in love again

I wouldn’t say I am cured but I certainly have much better coping mechanisms and I learnt to love the dark places of myself.

Intuitively speaking

I have always tried to outwit my intuition, or my ‘gut feeling’, I have always been on the side of ‘benefit of doubt’.

Childers – 23 June 2000

I left The Palace Hostel on 1 June 2000, and on the 23 June 2000 it burnt to the ground. However, it was close enough that I sometimes feel guilty that as a result of me moving out, it caused a room shuffle that caused some people to live and some people to die.