There was a girl who grew up in a small town. She wanted to save the vulnerable from being marginalised and attacked. She wanted everyone to feel like they belonged, but often she forgot it was important for her to feel the same way.

She grew up guarded, pretending that life was a laugh a minute with a great big smile on her face hiding the pain that was inside. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone else and she held no judgement for others’ actions, only a friendly ear and helping them work through whatever they had going on. She knew that underneath everyone wanted to be good and wanted to be loved, so she tried to help people see how lovable they were. Sometimes she forgot the person that needed to know they were truly loved was often herself.

She had her heart shattered into thousands of pieces while maintaining others. Often investing time and energy into those who would take it all and then carelessly throw it away. She wasn’t sure if it was her self assured and confident armour, but often people would fail to reassure her she was loved and that their lives were made better with her in it.

That was the problem with the girl who wanted to save the world. She forgot to see that all she wanted was to be loved… she wanted to be loved unconditionally, reassuringly and with an earth-shattering ferociousness. She wanted someone to come and rescue her, she wanted someone to stand in front of her and tell her how they couldn’t live without her. She kept this secret deep inside her until later in life it shone through the cracks of her broken heart. She just wanted someone to piece it all back together again, but the cracks were so plentiful she knew it would take someone with superhuman powers to take on the task to help her be whole again.

She realised that searching for love was like viewing it as a scarcity that needed unearthing, and ultimately would cause her to settle for something that feels like love but isn’t. She knew that by being love you share it everywhere and then she would find something that searching would never reveal. She knew giving love didn’t always mean that you would receive it, but she had to share her love because she had it to give.

So the girl put on her smile, and she realised maybe her purpose was not to be loved with that earth-shattering ferociousness but instead maybe she was meant to help as many people as possible see their worth. She realised that this was going to keep the smile on her face and that her happiness came from making sure there was less pain in the world, and she would continue to spread love until her last breath. Sometimes love wasn’t always meant to be received but given as if it were an infinite gift.

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